MainMediaConnected car platform for mass-market Remoto raises $1.5 Million from LETA Capital

Connected car platform for mass-market Remoto raises $1.5 Million from LETA Capital

21 November 2014

Remoto, connected car platform secured $1.5 million in new investments from LETA Capital. The firm also announced the release of remote control car with a mobile application on the BRIC country market. In this regard, the company has launched a Chinese version ( ) which is available on Google Play and App Store.

After closing this round of funding the company will focus on R&D of the Remoto product, platform adaptation for popular car brands and scaling technology for supporting multiple millions of connected cars.


Remoto is the platform for OEMs and car owners designed on the principles of flexibility, affordability and reliability. System consists of the vehicle-mounted device with a secured GSM connection to the server, iOS, Android or Windows application for the car owners, the web application for the OEMs, automobile dealerships and insurance companies, the server. Remoto uses Windows Azure cloud infrastructure. Mobile application to manage remotely lets to start engine and climate-control system, allows to track location and route of the car, displays the door status and sends reports if the car is evacuated or hit.

Remoto has just released new features - activity feed with very typical representation of events happen with your car and fuel consumption efficiency coefficient. Every day car owners will get 100 points to spend on high accelerations, brakes and speed driving (more than 110 km/h). As many points drivers kept at the end of the day as carefully drivers waste the fuel.


Remoto is certified by Kia Motors Russia. Remoto KIA is included as an option in some packages and available as an additional accessory for all car models. Several thousand of cars with this component has been already sold this year.

Next year company plans to present new features like remote diagnostics, automatic parking toll payment, traffic fines notifications, vehicle operation data analysis and announce collaboration with other OEMs.

"Connected car industry is the next big thing in the automotive industry. Our mission is to provide flexible and affordable platform which would be used by millions of car owners worldwide”, said Innokentiy Belotsky, board chairman of bright box, international IT-company developed Remoto.

"Bright box and the Remoto managed to solve the problem of millions of car owners, and did this, unlike competitors, on the mass market,” said Alexander Chachava, Managing Partner of LETA Capital, who will be joining the brigt box Board of Directors. “This is a rare case when the startup already has several ready-made solutions used by hundreds of dealerships and thousands of drivers.”

The Remoto for cars owners is available for both Android and iOS and may be downloaded at the websites:

About bright box:

bright box ( — international IT-company developed and implemented business solutions based on the best technologies of Microsoft, Apple and Google. Bright box offers a connected car platform Remoto and mobile platform that connects car dealers with owners Dealer Mobility. Among the company's clients bright box are world giants and market leaders such as Kia Motors, Hyundai, Avilon, Genser.