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Leta blog: Apps and Startups powered by GPT-3

29 October 2020

Recently, research lab OpenAI announced a new version of GPT-3 — language prediction model. Engineers and Researchers at OpenAI try to design a language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. GPT-3 composes poems and prose, translates dialogues and answers questions, although it has never specifically learned to perform these tasks.

A lot of media sources have already covered the GPT-3 topic. For example, The Guardian published an essay written by GPT-3 about why people shouldn’t be scared of AI. There are thousands of tweets about it with numerous use cases.

I enjoy learning about the latest Hi-tech and always try to figure out their applicability. Therefore, in this blog post, I want to outline some of the existing products and startups powered by GPT-3. If you want to learn more about GPT-3, you can read the article written by The Verge. If you want to design your own product or just experiment with GPT-3, read the Ultimate Guide by Twilio.

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