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Leta blog: Reverse Due Diligence. Get to know your investor

09 April 2020
Choosing a long-term business partner is a difficult task that requires especial attention, as an investment transaction is always a mutual decision by both parties.<br><br>

"An investor is a full-fledged business partner who can both bring great value and trigger difficulties."
Therefore, just as venture firms carefully pick the companies they want to invest in, so the founders should carefully consider the choice of the investor, taking into account not only the financial aspects of a potential transaction but also numerous additional components.
In order not to make a mistake, the founder of a startup should comprehensively study his future partner. You don’t buy a car, from the very first dealer center you’re visiting, or don’t get married to a person who first made the proposal, realizing how good you are. The investor enters your boat for a long-term journey, and you will have to deal with it. Doing extensive research is worth paying attention to, isn’t it? So what should you check?<br><br>

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