MainMediaLeta blog: Russia topped Global Skills Index as the best in tech and data science

Leta blog: Russia topped Global Skills Index as the best in tech and data science

31 July 2020

According to the recent Coursera’s Global Skills Index 2020 report, Russians have the highest skill proficiency in technology and data science among Coursera’s 65 million learners from 60 countries.

In their second edition of the Global Skills Index, Coursera — a world-leading online learning platform — analyzed 12 months worth of data on their own 65 million learners and ranked the countries (where learners come from) based on their skill proficiency in the “fundamental skill domains of the future”: business, technology and data science — all three also turned out as the most popular disciplines on Coursera in terms of enrollments.

Giving credit to the authors of the report, Coursera’s data science team, who essentially collected data on its 1,800 courses in business, technology, and data science from top-ranked universities, matched them to 40,000 skills and competencies taught at these courses, aggregated data on learners themselves (taken courses, grades, countries of origin, career and education background and more), then split all learners with respective skills in groups (by countries, industries, fields of study, etc) and benchmarked groups to each other by segmenting in percentile ranking. As a result, they presented most and least skilled learners across 3 disciplines (business, tech and data science) by countries (globally and regionally), by industries (where learners claim to work), as well as revealed most demanded skills based on enrollments, search and labour market trends.

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