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Leta blog: Typical Russian Speaking IT founder

17 June 2020
IT and tech sectors have become truly borderless, religion-, ethnicity- and nationality-agnostic in the past several decades. For many people especially minorities and those from under-represented backgrounds, IT and tech have become a safe haven, where professionals are mainly judged by their skills, deeds and contribution, rather than skin colour, country of origin or living conditions. At least that’s what we experience personally. Now when it comes to Russians who work in IT or tech, many outsiders would treat them as avid hackers whose daily job is to break into other countries military IT systems, as well as managing Facebook and Twitter troll networks with fake news and propaganda. In reality, Russians working in IT and tech have a slightly different image — we can reassure you with that, as at LETA Capital we specialize in investing in Russian-speaking IT and tech entrepreneurs who build international startups. But don’t just trust my words, have a look at the results of the analysis of 5,000 LinkedIn profiles of Russian-speaking IT and tech entrepreneurs and check out below a typical profile of a modern Russian IT and tech entrepreneur which came out from this analysis.

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