MainMediaLETA Capital injects $1 million in SDN/NFV solution provider Brain4Net

LETA Capital injects $1 million in SDN/NFV solution provider Brain4Net

30 March 2017
Leta Capital has injected an aditionnal $1 million in Brain4Net, a provider of advanced SDN/NFV solutions.

The funding, which took the form of a convertible loan, will be used to fine-tune the company’s solutions, develop new products, and enlarge partnerships in Russia and abroad.

Brain4Net provides enterprises and service providers with a “comprehensive network orchestration & control solution” for multi-vendor network infrastructure. The company also offers SDN controller functions and a set of virtualized network functions (VNFs).

This approach aims to help organizations “bring agility to the network, improve network service chaining and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX for network infrastructure deployment and operations,” Brain4Net claims. “Our mission is to disseminate a new vision of building agile, scalable and easy manageable networks. We believe that SDN and NFV concepts provide the best approach of how next generation networks should look like.”

Companies such as Brain4Net create a foundation for the imminent 5G era and need to occupy their place in this rapidly developing market. Investment support will enable the company to create a dynamic product for communication operators who will not only ensure a smooth transition to a new generation converged network infrastructure ready for the implementation of 5G technologies and standards, but will be cost-efficient for service providers due to lower capital investments into the expansion of their networks for increasing traffic volumes," said the managing partner of the LETA Capital venture fund Alex Chachava.