MainMediaRussian developer of transport robots RoboCV LLC raised $500K from LETA Capital

Russian developer of transport robots RoboCV LLC raised $500K from LETA Capital

10 October 2013

Russian developer of transport robots RoboCV LLC raised $500K from LETA Capital. Funds from investments will be directed on development of pre-production prototype.

1010309_535362003196176_926944777_n.pngThe Russian company RoboCV LLC, engaged in developments in the field of vision. The company launched the alpha version of system X-MOTION-pilot warehouse equipment. 6 robotic tractors began to work on the biggest plant in test mode. X-MOTION works on the basis of technical vision and completely replaces the driver.

The Control system consists of laser scanners, video cameras and special software, installed on the tractor and connects to it. Then, a real-time map of the area around is constructed. This allows the machine to navigate in it - build a trajectory of an entrance to a given point and to steer around obstacles.

The project is at the beginning stage of its scientific and business processes. By 2017 RoboCV plans to release a pilot system for passenger cars. Before a full drone appears, autopilot systems for low-speed transport platforms and large-capacity equipment will precede in 2015 and 2016.

Unlike its competitors to move to the desired path, system X-MOTION is more flexible by avoiding the movement on special markers. Unique algorithms allow to use less hardware elements, which considerably reduces the pay back time of the system (up to 2 years).

The emergence of autopilot techniques in warehouses of classes A and A+ reduces the shortage of qualified personnel, increases the service life of equipment and the level of security of business processes.

Sergey Maltsev, CEO RoboCV: Cooperation with the large-scale production is primarily an indicator of trust. This means that robotic equipment is accepted by the market to meet the challenge. In the next year or two, logistic operators and production, together with dealers of warehouse equipment can fully automate the movement of goods in stock and thereby increase productivity. The task of our company is to offer the best solutions for them. And we are proud to be part of this process.

Principal of venture Fund LETA Capital Sergei Toporov: «Team RoboCV are professionals. We see a great potential of this market in the long term, and we believe that demand for solutions autopilot transport of different types will only grow. RoboCV makes money in this market right now, they develops the product truly demanded by the consumer. We hope that the company RoboCV become one of the largest robotic corporations».

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About RoboCV: We are developing a universal autonomous navigation robotic unit. This unit is a compact device with a built-in associated navigation system (inertial navigation system, GLONASS/GPS, machine vision), hardwired software for processing the indications of these systems and delivery of the integrated result to the external consumer device (the main computer of the robotized device), providing support of standard interfaces of data exchange and power supply. Realization of several complementary methods of navigation within one unit will provide unique accuracy of positioning and terrain guidance, therefore providing new opportunities for designers and users of robotic systems all over the world.