MainMediaThe Russian startup of Cerevrum attracted $2 million from LETA Capital and the co-founder of Oculus

The Russian startup of Cerevrum attracted $2 million from LETA Capital and the co-founder of Oculus

13 June 2019
Today we officially can announce that we have invested in Cerevrum $1M, Michael Antonov (co-founder of Oculus) has joined the round with $1M. It is the interesting deal and the great company. No one better than the founder (Natasha Floksy) can tell you about Cerevrum. That's why we offer to read her post:

"Why education?
First of all, it was always interesting for me. When I was in school and college, I was looking for life hacks to memorize more and drawing imagery. You cannot spend your life on a business that does not wind you up. I think that the team and I will come up with many features that will not only shorten the training time but also make the training more effective in the long term.
Now we are working on the main functionality, this is the replacement of coaches and mentors, that is, working out the same actions with virtual agents with the retention of the user's attention.
Second. It is belief and understanding that we are making a cool product. It gives the opportunity not only to give superficial knowledge but also to develop skills.
Can you imagine how many man-hours can be translated into more useful actions???
For a second, I figured it out with retail: People can spend 29 billion hours a year more efficiently via our product.
Third. It is very difficult to build, like a spaceship. Although it seems just a simulation ... no, this is far from the case.
I believe that there is no need to make what is clear how to build :) Therefore, we are developing our methodology. The basis of the methodology used by Cerevrum in product development is the Natural experience learning system (NELS) format - teaching social behavioral skills in the natural space. NELS is a knowledge acquisition concept whose goal is to completely immerse the user in the learning environment.
That’s it.
It is great that LETA Capital and Michael believed in us. This is a dream team.
Thanks to the parents for the tremendous support and faith in me + THANKS to all the friends who supported my team and me: someone with their care, someone with their experiences, someone with money, someone with a place in their house.
You all help make dreams come true."