State Of Phygital 2021


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In this report, we set ourselves a goal to reimagine the concept of “Phygital” and introduce a fresh look at the very fundamentals of “Phygital”. According to LETA Capital and DEVAR, Phygital is not only a set of technologies that enhances the physical reality around us but also augments digital offering with the offline components, making them work together to give the best user experience that both worlds can offer. 

In this first report, we highlighted Phygital use-cases, vendors, and clients who already implemented Phygital technologies in Construction, Retail, and Healthcare among other areas. We also allow readers to try out Phygital themselves using the smartphone camera and a WebAR technology showcasing some of the real-life examples of Phygital. 

We appreciate all inputs, feedback, and any additional use-cases to make the best coverage of the state of Phygital in the future. 
If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact Alexander Zemlyak via email